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Code On Time generator creates line-of-business Web Apps
with Touch UI for mobile and desktop devices. Code On Time also
creates apps for DotNetNuke and Microsoft SharePoint.
See live demos of modern Web 2.0 applications!

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Northwind Demo
Northwind: Touch UI | Desktop
Windows Azure: Touch UI | Desktop
  • An Azure Factory web application running in Windows Azure cloud.
  • This application took a few short minutes to create and deploy.
  • This web app is using Summer theme.
Northwind Demo
Northwind Demo
  • A DotNetNuke Factory project deployed to a DotNetNuke portal.
  • The portal pages have host instances of the application module configured to display logical pages of a Northwind app.
  • This web app is using Gravity theme.

Compare our live demo projects to the demo projects presented by our best known competitor Iron Speed .

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